Pdx Elite Rechargeable Motorbator 2 Masturbator - Pussy - Clear/black

Pdx Elite Rechargeable Motorbator 2 Masturbator - Pussy - Clear/black

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Price :$197.24 $131.49

  • Product Sku: XPDRD529
  • Manufacturer: Pipedream Products,inc.
  • Availability: Available Now
  • Release Date: February 25, 2019


Experience the ultimate hands-free experience! The new and improved motor in the Motor Bator 2 will give you the most intense suction, vibration, and powerful piston-action thrusting you have ever experienced. Suction and thrusting can be enjoyed both together and separately!

The Moto Bator 2 elevates masturbation with an ultra-strong rechargeable motor powering active vibration, suction, and intensified piston-action thrusting for the ultimate stroker experience! This unparalleled pleasure combination creates a perfect storm of sensation for heightened solo sex sessions that can be customized to your personal moods—vibration, suction, and thrusting can be enjoyed together and separately!

Get ready for explosive handsfree vibrating, sucking, and thrusting all surrounding your penis at the same time. The rechargeable motor offers powerful performance with 3 modes of strong, steady vacuum suction, 2 intense thrusting speeds, and 5 stimulating vibrational patterns. Slide into the soft pussy and surround your shaft with rows and rows of soft pleasure nubs. Then personalize your pleasure with the press of a button. Your ultimate masturbation experience is ready when you are!

Length: 9.1 in.
Width: 3.4 in.
Depth: 3.9 in.
Inner Diameter: 2.6 in.

Package Depth: 4 in.
Package Width: 4 in.
Package Height: 10.5 in.

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Product Reviews

Don’t buy it plz

Please read reviews of this product on Amazon or anywhere there’s reviews of this product. I bought it at the store. Don’t buy this pump it’s really bad. The sleeve is super tight. The suction hurts the penis because there’s no vent holes and you constantly have to hit the “R” release button to release the pressure. The 5 vibrate functions don’t do anything to the penis. The thrust has 2 settings and even in the lowest setting it yanks your penis super aggressively because the sleeve is too tight and the inner material don’t add any sensation. I used almost half my lube bottle trying to make it better. Worst purchase I’ve ever made and the last time I purchase a PDX item. I can’t return it or get my money back and just wasted $129. I’m so mad. First time buying a machine like this. I’m used to cheaper sleeve products that work and feel way better.

Anonymous - November 8 2023

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